Tony founder of krio skincare

Tony Johnson, krio skincare founder

Tony, holds a degree in Healthcare administration and has been in philanthropic software solutions for a number of years.

He developed krio skincare because most over the counter products available were not effective for his skin. Taking inspiration from his Sierra Leone roots, he researched the efficacy of plant-based ingredients such as mango butter and marula oil, as well as shea butter, which were used to treat dry skin and prevent wrinkles from the sun. 

This resulted in creating simple, plant-based products that people could read, understand and know exactly what they were putting on their skin while honoring his heritage.

my heritage

Sierra Leone ‘13

Sierra Leone ‘13

Sierra Leone - it’s history and people, it’s natural wonders and culture all influenced the story behind krio. Our ancestors’ skin care regimen used natural botanical ingredients to take care of difficult skin problems such as dryness, eczema, acne, aging and more.

krio isn’t just a skincare line about how “being ashy is never cool.” krio is a lifestyle with a story and a purpose.


Our Mission

For the melanated, with dry skin and everyone in between who are in need of high quality simple skincare products. krio takes you on a journey of ancestral African skincare recipes and personal stories from family members who immigrated to from Sierra Leone to help you embrace the unique beauty found with each of us.

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